Issues in Counselling

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------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- Issues in Counselling ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- 2012 ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- MODULE HANDBOOK ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- SY-5008D ------------------------------------------------- Module Title: Issues in Counselling Module Level: Level 2 (undergraduate) Credits: 20 Credits Module Leader: Karen Moon Introduction and Aims The aim of this module is to provide an in depth…show more content…
Learning Outcomes By the end of this module you should be able to: * Evidence increased awareness of culture and difference and the impact on the counselling relationship. * Show with examples your own personal growth and demonstrate insight into your own cultural background and how this impacts on relationships with others and clients. * Identify the main values and principles of the BACP ethical framework. * Describe and explain the importance of the client’s right to autonomy. * Have an understanding of ethical and legal issues including the responsibility of the counsellor in relation to these. Sources of Information. The J.B. Priestley Library also stocks a small number of classic films on DVD for students to borrow and study. Reading You will be expected to spend a good deal of your study time reading about the theory and practice of counselling and related topics. A recommended reading list for the module follows. It contains key texts from which you should be able to gain much of the information that you will need and further reading that has been selected to build upon the reading in the key texts. Respected authorities in their field write the books recommended and the bibliographies often included in their work, provide further areas for study. NB All texts are available at JB Priestley Library unless indicated otherwise, however, many are in
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