Issues in Multicultural Education

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Issues in Multicultural Education

Effective instructors must understand the issues that impact multicultural education in the United States. The significance of providing an eminence instruction in an unbiased approach to all of their students is essential. The tide of demographic changes in the United States has affected most classrooms in our schools. As a result, some classroom teachers realize they must quickly acquire a comprehensive understanding of ethnic, cultural, and social-class diversity present in today’s schools. Otherwise, these teachers will face difficulty in classrooms comprised of fifty-one percent minority students. (Texas Education Agency, 1993) Nonetheless, traditional teachers with no experience in multicultural
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So what’s expected? * Effective multicultural education in the classroom. * The improvement of students’ achievement in the classroom. * Understanding diversity * Significance in understanding your students * Importance of diversity * Achievements in teaching your learners effectively.

Conclusively, traditional teachers with no experience in multicultural education training is a significant issue in Texas. Although, there are issues in multicultural education, there are solutions to these problem and we are a working progress. Many divisions offer workshops for traditional teachers will no multicultural education training, but the state should provide mandatory attendance for these workshops. Resulting in training in multicultural education will open access for effective multicultural education.

An Examination of Articles in Gifted Education and Multicultural Education
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