Issues in Patriarchal Societies

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In societies around the world, women are pushed down in society and degraded, both by men and other women. The root of this problem is the fact that people learn from a young age that men are superior to women. People receive this idea through media and maltreatment of women. It carries into adulthood in the form of legislation, loss of rights, and more maltreatment. In order to solve the problem, people need to be educated about the inequality that exists throughout the world, and how these practices are wrong. Many people choose to ignore these issues, but ignoring them will not solve them. Thankfully there are many organizations working to put an end to these issues. One of them is the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, which works to end these issues by educating people and hosting programs to help women. America has a patriarchal society system, which means it is dominated by men, and everything in society caters to men. Because a patriarchal society is male dominated, women are often controlled and oppressed by men. This oppression is so commonplace that it is typically not noticed unless it is pointed out. The media plays a huge role in this issue. It places a woman’s value in her appearance, it tells men that they should judge women based on appearance, and it caters to the idea that men should be in control. While this is a huge problem for women who are not able to meet the high standards, it is also an issue for men who are not hyper-masculine, as they are

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