Issues in Philippine Cinema

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1. What is your assessment of the state of media research in the Philippines? Choose a particular form of mass media and identify three (3) major issues and concerns besetting it. To what extent has research been made on such issues and concerns? Cite concrete cases to prove your point.

The Philippine film industry, considered by many critics, producers, directors, movie workers, is either slowly but surely dying or is already dead. Notice the use of the term "Philippine film industry" instead of "Philippine cinema." This is such for the main reason that the people who deem filmmaking in the Philippines dead, qualify their assumption based on box-office returns and the profit their movies make. Hence it is more apt to use the term film
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Price of Pirated DVDs (Php)
2001 343,945,225 999 0
2002 286,243,403 850 450
2003 393,642,659 750 150
2004 286,056,735 500 80
Table 1

Rahman's major research findings on the economic "damage" caused by pirated DVDs to the film industry were anchored on the above table. The sharpest decline experienced by the film industry was between 2001 and 2002 with the boom and existence of DVD piracy that started in 2002. It can be deduced that the most likely decline in the income of movies was caused by the popularization of pirated DVDs that equaled the quality of legitimate ones. The introductory price for pirated DVDs were at it s highest at Php. 450 a piece, though expensive compared to current prices in Quiapo, it was still relatively cheap during 2002 compared to the pricey Php. 999 of an original version. Come 2002 to 2003, income for the film industry grew, original DVDs were also sold at cheaper prices but so was the pirated ones. Nevertheless, Rahman et al attributed this increase in income to the appointment of Ramon Ravilla Jr. as the chairperson of the Videogram Regulatiry Board, a government agency assigned to combat piracy. The researchers added that Revilla was considered to be hard-working and serious by his fellow-workers and news reports support these claims.
Finally income for the film industry declined once more from 2003 to 2004 and at the same time the price of pirated DVDs was at its lowest being 6 times cheaper than legitimate copies. At the same
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