Issues in Retail Management

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Issues in Retail Management The choice of a suitable retail category to investigate the issues affecting the retail environment is crucial, and it should be representational in nature. This is essential because the rest of the retail categories can apply the recommendations for overcoming the issues. The retail category that can be useful in exploring the issues affecting module themes of global and international retailing, sustainability and ethics, and technology and retailing is foodstuffs and consumables. This retail category is at a better position to explore the module themes because it has a broad market. For instance, it is also essential to note there are no geographical barriers restricting people on the food that they consume, sustainability is an important aspect of foodstuffs and consumables category, and the use of technology in retailing has had a significant impact on the retail category. In addition, there are ethical issues that affect the retail of foodstuffs and consumables that retailers need to address in order to achieve a competitive edge in the market. This retail category represents the rest of the categories because all issues relating to all the themes of the module affect it and any recommendations from this examination may be useful to the rest of the retail categories. A number of issues have an influence on the three themes of retailing, and these issues can affect the retailing industry as a whole. For the global and international
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