Issues in the Malaysia Tourism Industry

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5.1 Issues in the Malaysia Tourism Industry
Malaysia tourism obtained the fast development as a result of it own superiorities in natural and cultural travel resources as well as government's vigorously support. It has become the country's second biggest source of foreign exchange and the third largest economy sector. But under this excellent prospect, we instead should have a more sober understanding to the tourism’s vulnerability and the issues in the Malaysia travel industry to continue developing it more successfully. Ⅰ Vulnerability of the tourism industry
Here I mention the vulnerability indicates that in a specific time and area , because of some special incidents’ influence, the tourism industry appears the random characteristic
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(4) Negative influence on destination image
The special crisis event itself often has fortuitousness and temporary so the immediate influence on economy is usually not serious, but if the way solving problem is not proper that will possibly incur a more serious consequence. For example if the information transmission is not prompt and inaccurate that will make the tourists have suspicion and panic and also cause the traveling place’s image suffering injury, such negative influence on the local tourism industry is not directly but is long-term. Like 1994 Qiandaohu National Forest Park incident, information transmission after the crisis was not accurate and the Taiwan authorities rose the safety incident to a political problem, caused the relationship between China Mainland and Taiwan fell into anxiousness and the traveling contact reduced suddenly.
(5) Association influences
Tourism is a labor-intensive industry, in the off-season and during the special crisis event happening period, it always has the problems that massive employees are idle and with low income that is a waste of human resources and even creates employees’ bad mood. The decline in tourist population and income, may also cause the employees’ outflow, the tour companies’ works that non-direct to profit to bog down because of the tightness
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