Issues in the Mock Negotiation Problem Essay

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Mock Negotiation Problem Issues in the Mock Negotiation Problem: Being a member of the Local 5000 in this whole project I could point out numerous things that make the employees at Auto Products Corporation want things better. There seems to be issues at the Indianapolis plant concerning overtime, premium pay, and even subcontracting instead of using their own employees to do the work. What I have also gotten from this mock negotiation is that in the past, the union and management have been satisfactory. Different viewpoints: I have not had a very good experience with my teammates on this project. I agree that this should’ve been a fun project but it has been very stressful to me. As far as different viewpoints I feel again as…show more content…
When the company required a mechanic for a job that normally was performed by a plumber the employee and union filed a grievance. The company should stick with "past practice" and continue to keep their tradepeople working only within his or her trade. If not then states that stewards can do the following: Past practices grievances are well suited for group action. Unions can: • Encourage numbers of workers to file grievances on the matter • Distribute leaflets about the dispute • Circulate petitions • Hold meetings during breaks • Picket before or after work or during breaks (being sure not to interfere with employees, suppliers, or shippers) Also in the textbook, the example also states that the union retains the right to examine any existing or new subcontracting agreement for the purposes of checking wage scales and the specific work contracted.(text page389) These are great things we could put in the subcontracting section of the labor agreement. Also in the subcontracting section in the labor agreement, I think the union should also ask that limitations be put in place such as: 1. Requiring the employer to have an agreement that subcontractors will be used only on special

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