Issues of Ethical Research

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Issues of Ethical Research The vast majority of ethical dilemmas regarding research and the involvement of human participants is associated with concerns that are decidedly monetary in nature. Of course, the most fundamental concerns for any such research would be to protect the health and the welfare of those human participants (Callahan 1998). This statement becomes particularly true when such a population group pooled for research includes specialty subjects such as elderly people, pregnant women, and subsets that may be considered especially vulnerable. Although this consideration is widely viewed as something of a foregone conclusion concerning the subject of ethical dilemmas in research, it is actually an integral component of many of the pecuniary considerations regarding the ethics of human research. One of the principle questions of ethics in research is whether or not the information gained from human participants can be considered valid, when such participants are being paid or compensated in some way that could, conceivably, affect the results of whatever research is performed. Another ethical concern is raised by the efficacy and veracity of Institutional Review Boards who approve or validate the techniques of human research. Situations may very well arise in which members of those review boards have conflicts of interests with their professional duties as board members and the results of certain types of research. Not surprisingly, many of the steps that a
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