Issues of Foreign Workers Policy in Malaysia Manufacturing Industry

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Introduction On March 7, 2011 The Star, we know that our Malaysia government had decided to recruit more foreign workers from India which around 45,000 people from India. This is to meet the demand by around 13 sectors which currently in shortage of workforce. So, this resulted in many people and The Malaysian Trades Union Congress (MTUC) had strongly opposed the decisions made by government. The Malaysian Trade Union Congress (MTUC) is said as the most representative workers’ organization in Malaysia. Three main objectives emphasized by MTUC: first is to promote the interest of its affiliate unions in order to improve the workers’ economic and social conditions. Second is to ensure the policies are developed and action been taken towards…show more content…
According to Kgaogelo Elizabeth Mokoka (2007), most South African nurses immigrate to destinations such as UK, Saudi Arabia, New Zealand, Australia and the USA (Xaba & Phillips 2001). In a study commissioned by the World Health Organisation (WHO), Buchan et al (2003) identified two groups of countries in terms of nurse emigration and mobility. “Destination countries” are those to which nurse are drawn, while “source countries” are those that nurse are drawn from. Destination countries include five countries, namely Australia, Ireland, Norway, the UK and the USA. According to Mr. Ajit Singh Jessy from the Penang Human Resources committee, salary remains as one of, or the most, important factor in the retention of workers. As such, the complaints of local workers regarding wage levels are not baseless, especially when it comes to menial forms of labour. What may be baseless is the argument that locals shun these jobs which then have to be farmed out to foreign labourers. According to Cecilia Kok (2011), for South and Southeast Asian economies, especially those that are lagging behind Malaysia, many migrant workers perceive a land flowing with milk and honey. Official data show that Malaysia attracts a huge number of migrant workers into the country. According to official record, the number quadrupled from

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