Issues of Global Warming and Industrial Pollution

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Background International concerns with human rights, health and environmental protection have expanded considerably in the past several decades. In response, the international community has created a vast array of international legal instruments, specialized organs, and agencies at the global and regional levels to respond to identified problems in each of the three areas. Often these have seemed to develop in isolation from one another. Yet the links between human rights, health and environmental protection were apparent at least from the first international conference on the human environment, held in Stockholm in 1972. “Man is both creature and molder of his environment, which gives him physical sustenance and affords him the…show more content…
During the course of evolution of the human race, civilization has transformed the environment in countless ways and on an unprecedented scale. Use of fire, domestication of animals and early agricultural practices are the major steps to modify the already existing conditions. In the early periods of human history, They were very much close to nature and natural resources as we find In historical documents. The ancient people developed many effective measures to safe guard our ecosystems and environment which reflect sustainable development in true sense. From Manusmriti, written in the post-Vedic age, we can realize that religion plays diversified role in saving the integrity of the natural environment. Manusmriti is the world‟s first ethical compendium on human jurisprudence, presented by Maharshi Manu, originated sometimes immediate to the post Vedic age. In the dicta for prevention of pollution in Manusmruti, we can get the reflection of ecological awareness: Biodiversity means all living forms broadly ascribed as Chara (movable living world) and Achara (immovable: plant kingdom). Importance was given for conserving and domesticating animals, biodiversity protection, and vegetarian food habit. According to Manu, agriculture caused injury to animals, specially the insects and germs in the soil. One of the worst industrial disasters of all time took place in Bhopal, India , in December 1984. In the
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