Issues of Memory and Community at the Heart of the Australian History Wars

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What are the issues of memory and community at the heart of the Australian History Wars? Attwood, Bain, ‘Contesting frontiers: history, memory and narrative in a national museum’, reCollections: Journal of the National Museum of Australia, Vol. 1, No. 2, 2006, pp. 103-114. This article provides information concerning: memories that society wants to acknowledge and pass on to future generations; the manner in which those memories are represented; the responsibility that society has to fully represent aspects of history while also brining into questions the unwillingness to recognise and respect different conceptions of history and how this can diminish the potential that museums have to advance cross-cultural understanding. This article is especially useful in addressing the issues of memory at the heart of the Australian history wars as it examines in detail the effect of the representation of memories, how they are framed, and in which formats they are reported, upon how they are received by an audience and by academia. The article addresses the factor that the relevance and validity of memories can be seen as discredited by academia because, in this case, they have not been sourced from written evidence by the party presenting the memory and therefore decrease their value from an empirical standpoint. The framing of a narrative is also especially important as in this article, the name under which evidence is presented has become key not only to how it is received but
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