Issues of Morality in 'The Walking Dead'

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Issues of Morality in "The Walking Dead" Issues of morality are depicted on television shows on a daily basis. The 2010 television series "The Walking Dead" explores issues of morality in a post-apocalyptic world that continuously endangers the lives of the characters on the show. The show is set in modern times, in the state of Georgia, in a world that is overrun by the undead, specifically zombies. In a world of kill or be killed, Rick Grimes, a former sheriff's deputy in King County, takes on the responsibility of leader among a motley group of survivors that include his best friend Shane, his wife Lori, and his son Carl. On "The Walking Dead," Rick and Shane represent opposing forces of morality, especially on the television show's first season and second season. In this first season, Rick is representative of an altruist who puts the safety and protection of others above his own. At the beginning of the series, Rick was shot and hospitalized, and was comatose when the zombie outbreak began. When he wakes up in the abandoned hospital, one of his first instincts after returning to his now empty home is to once again don the uniform of a sheriff. Even in a post-apocalyptic world, Rick is determined to serve and protect. Rick's uniform becomes symbolic of the order he wishes to restore to society, and his inherent need to protect others, especially those people that helped to keep his family safe in his absence. When Rick handcuffs Merle Dixon to the roof of a building in
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