Issues with American Indian Multicultural Counseling Essay

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Abstract Native Americans are always struggling with identification with their tribes traditions compared to Euro-American traditions. Counselors need to recognize that many Native Americans feel uncomfortable when talking about things outside of their context. Rather than interpret behaviors of the Native Americans counselors understand what greatly impacts American Indians in social issues. Native Americans are greatly impacted with Major Health Issues, Employment Issues, Economic Issues, and Family Dynamics. American Indian Multicultural Counseling Human behavior is explained by the definition of culture. Each individual has a cultural group of values. Ethnocentrism is what makes up the American Euro-American culture. The…show more content…
The Native Americans began to be stripped of their customs and even forbidden to speak their native languages (All About 2002). Children were taken from their tribes and sent to schools to civilize them forcing the children to abandon their heritage. Eventually U.S. government forced the Native Americans to live on ‘reservations’ were the majority of Native Americans still reside today. Thousands of Native Americans suffered with this relocation there was five tribes total “Cherokee, Creek, Chickasaw, Choctaw, and Seminole and a few others (Bryan, 2007). Theses Native Americans were promised the Indian Land where they would be free from any settlers and able to live free on Indian land. Many consider these Native Americans are as very resilient people. Vance (1995) stated, “For nearly 500 years there has been a very oppressive, dishonest and manipulative message being voiced by the dominant white Angelo culture towards Native Americans, This has caused a great distrust, anger and conflicting attitudes for the Native American community” (p.1). Family Dynamics The history is what influenced and helped shape the structure, roles and meaning of family for American Indians today. American Indian’s family is fictive and nonfictive kin, extended family, tribal community, and the nation of American Indians as a whole today. Native American cultures differed with individuality and
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