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Instructions: 1. This question paper consists of 2 sections A and B. 2. Answer all the questions. 3. Mobile phone and any other Mobile electronic devices are NOT allowed into the examination room. SECTION A 1. ____ is an important component of every information system that helps organizations to achieve their goals. a. | Hardware | c. | Feedback mechanism | b. | Software | d. | Data | 2. The value of information is directly linked to how it helps decision makers achieve their organization’s ____. a. | profits | c. | cost reduction initiatives | b. | goals | d. | quality improvement measures | 3. In information systems, ____ is used to make changes to input or processing activities. a. |…show more content…
| all of the above | 18. The number and types of data items that must be loaded into a new ERP system depend on the ____ of the ERP implementation. a. | scope | c. | cost | b. | schedule | d. | none of the above | 19. The essential characteristic of a ____ is that there is some delay between an event and the eventual processing of the related transaction to update the organization’s records. a. | batch processing system | c. | transaction processing system | b. | order processing system | d. | online processing system | 20. Organizations expect their ____ to ensure that data is processed accurately and completely, avoid processing fraudulent transactions, and reduce clerical and other labor requirements. a. | batch processing systems | c. | online processing systems | b. | transaction processing systems | d. | purchasing processing systems | 21. By upgrading and standardizing on its technology infrastructure, an organization can ____. a. | eliminate a hodgepodge of multiple hardware platforms,operating systems, and databases | b. | reduce ongoing hardware and software maintenance | c. | reduce the training load for those people who must support the infrastructure | d. | all of the above | 22. ____ are among the challenges that must be met by an enterprise system of a multinational company. a. | Different languages and cultures | c. | Varying

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