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ISYS Practical exam Blog Short response considerations Design: You will need to consider: - The layout - Colors and Backgrounds - Logo - Tags Questions: Definition A blog (short for Web log) is a type of Web page that features entries that provide a commentary on a single subject (the benefits of recycling household garbage) or a particular genre (politics, religion, green living, fashion, and so on). Blogs are essentially online journals, often written by a single person. Postings to blogs are not necessarily in any particular order but rather reflect what a blogger (a person who creates and maintains a blog) is thinking about at the time. Blog posts are the text, images, and/or videos that provide information to…show more content…
They most often resemble a personal diary in which the creator shares their thoughts about a particular subject (or sometimes almost anything that comes to their mind) in a running commentary. Personal blogs can have many purposes such as: • Keeping friends and family informed of events in the blogger’s life • Espousing opinions on political and social issues • Informing others about a hobby about which the blogger is knowledgeable Political blogs – Political candidates discovered the power of communicating through blogs during the campaigns preceding the 2004 presidential election, and continue to be influential today. Social awareness blogs – Many non-profit organizations or groups promoting social causes (such as recycling, gun control, and so on) use blogs to disseminate their message. Media blogs – Many blogs (such as the Huffington Post at have become media outlets in their own right. Bloggers often report new events before traditional media outlets (like televisions and newspapers) pick up on the stories. An interesting subcategory of media blogs is the Expert or Celebrity blog. Corporate blogs – Businesses use blogs to reach their customers and inform them of new products and product enhancements. Small businesses especially like using blogs as the cost is very reasonable (even free if you use the right blogging Web site).

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