It 205 Final Exam

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IT 205 Final Exam
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Grade 100%
The answers in Green with a checkmark are the correct answers. 1. The fundamental set of assumptions, values, and ways of doing things, that has been accepted by most of a company’s members is called its: * Culture * Values * Environment * Atmosphere

2. The field that deals with behavioral issues as well as technical issues surrounding the development, use, and impact of information systems used by managers and employees in the firm is called: * Management information systems * Information systems architecture * Information systems literacy * Information technology infrastructure
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Why does improving a small, routine decision have business value for a company? * A small decision may have a great economic impact on the company * Small, routine decisions typically do not have any business value for a company * A single decision has business value when added with all the other decisions made in the company * Even a routine decision may have “ripple” effect through a corporation

18. CAD workstations: * Are high-end PCs used in the financial sector to analyze trading situations instantaneously and facilitate portfolio management * Allow groups to work together on documents * Provide an important source of expertise for organizations * Provide engineers, designers, and factory managers with precise control over industrial design and manufacturing

19. Expertise and experience of organizational members that has not been formally documented best describes: * Wisdom * Information * Tacit knowledge * Data

20. Which type of network treats all processors equally, and allows peripheral devices to be shared without going to a separate server? * LAN * Peer-to-peer * Wireless * Ring

21. A device that acts as a

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