It 240 Week 8 Disaster Plan Essay

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IT/240 XYZ Computers When it comes to the company XYZ Computers the disaster recovery plan needs to incorporate a lot of different questions that have to be answered before you can implement whatever they want achieved. The main questions that are brought up when assessing any question is,”How do we fix this? What are the costs associated with the plan presented?” Another question that should be asked but often isn’t, is “Can we anticipate this problem to help block it before it happens?” From there different categories should be implemented as manmade although not as common as a natural disaster that will affect your system, it still needs to be considered. There should also be a ranking system in the plan using two categories, these…show more content…
The disaster scheme of the organization can be established on the RAID scheme of information protection. For this it is significant to apprehend the RAID system in detail then only we would be capable of comprehending how RAID level can be used. RAID isn’t a particular program it is actually the general categorizing of all the different storage units that are used for the support of a lot of systems to prevent loss of data that might occur during any kind of disaster. This can actually blend the physical hard drives that a lot of people are very familiar with into one logical sector by making use of specific software and hardware. . Hardware solutions are mostly formulated to reveal themselves to the combined system as one hard drive, and the operating system is incognizant of the technical operations. Software answers are distinctively enforced in the operating system, and again would reveal the RAID drive as one to applications. There are three general types of RAID, these are as follows: reverberating, replicating data to more than just a single disk, marking, which is the disserving of data over more than a single disk. Finally there is error rectification, which is where extra data is stored to permit issues to be observed and determined which the more common term for this is error tolerance. Variant RAID levels make use of some of these methods, relying on the system requisitions. The basic intentions of making use of RAID are to enhance

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