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Wan Design Your Name IT/242 Your Instructor Name 12/22/2013 Wan Design In this scenario I will be providing information associated with the creation of a WAN for ACME Manufacturing. This business has several locations spread out all over America and requires a WAN to connect their locations in America with their newly build plant in China. With the headquarters and engineering offices in Atlanta, which are right across the street from each other, the plan would make sense to connect all communication here. There are also distribution offices in New York, Chicago, and Phoenix which will have to be connected to this network to attend the weekly company meetings and have access to information…show more content…
Routers and switches will be utilized to route network signals to all areas of this large network. Telephony systems will be introduced to serve the VOIP located at each location to assist with communication needs. Wireless technologies will also be needed to assist with mobility and other devices such as printers, laptops, fax machines, etc. Lastly, a physical firewall will be enforced at each location to protect the network from internal and external intruders. The wireless technologies for ACME Manufacturing will be specific to the needs of the company. For example the teleconferencing between the six locations may require wireless webcams and headsets which will need to be ran on a wireless signal. These technologies may also need to utilize the satellite signals to better communicate across large physical distances. Wi-Fi may also be introduced within each building to increase mobility and productivity. The Wi-Fi technologies will be worth it because the benefit will outweigh the extra cost as the technology is easy to set up and maintain. The Router protocols implemented will be a OSPF which stands for (open shortest path first). Because of the large network being introduced this protocol will be the most useful. This protocol operates on Internal Gateway Protocols by routing the most direct path and using the bandwidth most optimally. This not only reduces the use of
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