It/244 Disaster Recovery Plan "Appendix D" Essay

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Appendix D

Disaster Recovery Plan

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IT/244 Intro to IT Security

Disaster Recovery Plan

1 Risk Assessment

1 Critical business processes

A disaster is defined as a sudden, unplanned catastrophic event that renders the organizations ability to perform mission-critical and critical processes, including the ability to do normal production processing of systems that support critical business processes. A disaster could be the result of significant damage to a portion of the operations, a total loss of a facility, or the inability of the employees to access that facility. The disaster recovery process consists of defining rules, processes,
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Though the hot site recovery strategy will be much more expensive it will also ensure that all systems will be running in the unfortunate event of a disaster. Sunica Music and Movies wants to put an emphasis on e-commerce so I think that it would send the customer the wrong message to have delayed disaster recovery. I want the customer to feel as if their interactions with Sunica Music and Movies is completely secure and safe. Not having delays in the event of a disaster will accomplish this goal.

3 Disaster Recovery Test Plan

For each testing method listed, briefly describe each method and your rationale for why it will or will not be included in your DRP test plan.

1 Walk-throughs

A Walk through is absolutely necessary for the disaster recovery plan to ensure that everyone knows what to do in such an event. We do not need to assume that everyone knows what to do, but need to go through the process step by step with those that will be involved in the recovery. Every person involved will know exactly what is expected of them and what their duties will be.

2 Simulations

After going through a walk-through with the members of your disaster recovery team it is imperative that we do a simulation. Though everyone

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