It 282 Week 7

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A LAN networks job is to link computers together through a central device. That central device is the router, it is what transfers data to and from computers with an Ethernet cable or wirelessly as long as you are connected to the network. When you connect to the internet you are actually connecting to millions of networks that are connect through a multitude of ways: telephone lines, cable, and even fiber optic lines. A LAN and the Internet are the same only in the way that they both need a router to, well, route traffic. You actually can incorporate the Internet access into a LAN. The modem must be connected to the router and then that will provide a gateway between the Internet and the network connection. A firewall is very important…show more content…
Step 3: If you would like a wireless connection so you are able to connect your handheld devices that cannot be plugged into the modem. You will now need a wireless router. Now you take the Ethernet cord and plug one end into the modem and the other into the specified slot and then you will have a wireless connection. Now you can use the password usually located on the bottom or set up your own password to connect your mobile devices. You may also use a wireless router as a hub and still be able to connect your desktop or gaming consoles directly into the router with an Ethernet cord to have a wired connection and you are able to connect so many more devices. It can be very difficult to set up a router and have it continually work. A router has two main functions. It will route data packets between different networks and secondly, it can provide a wireless access point, which can be used by any device that has a wireless card in it. A router is the main point in a home network because it is this tiny box that can connect you to the rest of the world. There are many problems that can occur that will cause your internet to lag or it you may no longer be able to see webpages from connection drops. The best and most common fix that seems to work the best is the age old
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