It 650 Principle Of Database Designs

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IT 650 Principle of database designs Srikanth Karra Southern New Hampshire University. Introduction: Westlake research hospital is a drug research organization and hospital as well. This hospital cum research organization has its core business of its own test called double blind of a new depression drug. This organization has 420+ users including doctors, researchers, pharmacists and patients. Depending on the test result patient get new or traditional drug and the treatment lasts about 18 months. Patients get interviewed by doctor twice a month; doctor examines and interviews 20 patients initially. It is expected that few patients drop out overtime. The drug product is distributed in generic bottle to prevent the secrets of this drug from other hospitals and organizations working in the same direction. This drug is dispersed by two superiors and one among them is a pharmacist. The organization is using traditional ways of storing business information that is in papers and registers. The information is growing exponentially and tracking the patient’s information is time consuming. To improve business and to effectively streamline the business hospital needed a database. Limitations: 1. Manually storing information into papers and register consume much time and human efforts. 2. Organization patient’s information is the fear of the organization in the current system because it requires more capital. 3. By this system organization cannot track patient’s health
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