It Ain’T Yeezy. Rapper Turned Fashion Designer Kanye West’S

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It ain’t Yeezy Rapper turned Fashion designer Kanye West’s style depicts every aspect of strength I would argue that his style structure is based on a creative view point and I admire his eye for uniquely chic, classy and rough clothing themes. I would love to hone in on the Egyptian era of dress, I would argue that Egyptians themes are elaborate and creatively matched to the divine expertise of design. The theme that I would like to present Kanye West is the era of which clothing would be described as elaborate and exhumes authority and power the Egyptians had. I want to present these recommendations because I respect the work of Kanye and would be thrilled to provide a new perspective of clothing designs. After strenuous research I…show more content…
Kanye’s clothing is very expensive, and this is why so many people try to mimic the style of Kanye’s brand. The price of one shirt from Kanye’s line cost roughly a whopping $405, in 2015 a fan challenged West on prices of his clothing line. West did not lower the prices of his clothing due to successful sales. Kanye did come across a hiccup with season two of his line in 2015, critics did not like his approach of a lounge like type style. Kanye responded with these simple words “sweatshirts are f**king important.” And I do believe that the Egyptian theme presented will explore a different aspect of what West is already accustomed to, by adding a different type of focal point. The Egyptian period for the beginning of civilization it is important and calls for a back track, in Egypt worn with few variations by both men and women were evolved the original types of covering for the human body the tunic, the robe, the skirt accompanied by shawl or cape. The beginning of the nineteenth century A. D. it is to be remembered that man did not really adopt the present uniform attire given by civilization. Modern interpretations of Egyptian costume have an air that does not depict Egyptians correctly and in reality the Egyptians were conservative in costume as well as every other aspect. The fashion seemed to remain the same

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