It All Happened Again - Original Writing

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It all happened quickly. One minute it was just Asami and I, the next, we floated in an endless room with billions of little stars scattered about. I wasn’t scared. Somehow, it felt familiar, as if I’ve been here before. I felt a little nagging in the back of my mind as if I was forgetting something. But what was it? Someone patted my shoulder. “Korra where are we? What happened? Asami asked. “I don’t exactly know, but it’s okay, we’re not in danger.” Suddenly a beautiful spirit appears in front of Asami. It adorned a flowing white dress that had opals embedded into it. She was shining so bright it was hard to look at her directly. Immediately I was on guard, determined to make sure this spirit would not hurt Asami. “No worries,…show more content…
For I am now the spirit of the moon. She says with a chuckle. I was so transfixed on the beautiful spirit before me, I forgot all about Asami. I turn my attention from the moon spirit to Asami only to find her just as transfixed as I was. As I started to walk towards Asami, but not once did her attention waver, it was as if she were in a comatose state. Asami are you alright? I asked while nudging her. H-hmm? Wow Korra, I knew being the avatar must be hard but, I didn’t think it would be so... Asami what are you talking about? I asked looking towards the Yue for answers. “I have shared your memories of the past Avatars with Asami. For she is vital in your life Korra, with things changing you will need her to be by your side more than ever. All of your past avatar’s have a destined partner, a partner who 's bond is stronger than anyone’s else. She will have the strength to pick you up when you fall short and will see things when you can’t”. "I don 't get it, how is it possible for you to share my past memories? Only the avatar should have the power to tap into those of the past. "Three things cannot be hidden: The Sun, The Moon, and The Truth. These three things are responsible for keeping the world in balance. None can survive without the other. I don 't g-. I think I understand what she means. Korra you are the Sun. You are the light that everyone looks to. You are an essential part of
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