It All Started With The Screaming And Fighting Of My Dad

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It all started with the screaming and fighting of my dad and stepmom. I hadn’t ever met my mom I was token away at birth and was deprived of the visits of my birth mom. My dog had always stayed by my side. Her name is Tukie. Tukie was 10 years old. My dad got him as a puppy for his special needs. My dad would have a stroke every month, to then go paralyzed for the rest of that week. Due to this I had missed lots of school and had unacceptable grades. My sister who had died after college, to be exact a month after the graduation, had finished college on the honor role. By the age 5 I had gone blind in my left eye. The recover was a flop. I had lost my vision in my left eye forever. The first day in the hospital Tukie came to visit he had…show more content…
My final days of happiness 10/9/01 I was walking home from school my house keys in my hand. Turning the doorknob was the last step. As I slowly open the door I dropped to my knees at the sight of the blood on the floor.
My head ached as I lay on the floor of the cardboard of a UPS shipping box. I had nothing but clothes and a sign that read “Please I need food, I lost my family.” I had found my new home. I had $20 dollars but had $10 dollars stolen. I had bought rice and chicken that night. Little did I know the next day would be better. I was looking across the street when I saw my mom then a car zoomed by and she disappeared. But that was the highlight of my day. Then an hour after the sighting a blue haired woman came up to me and hugged me I was shocked at what had happen tell I saw the features of this lady’s face it was my stepmom.
“Hi, Durla.”
She was here for me? She was here for the will? She was in town? Whatever it was the safety of her big booming voice had made me just happy to see her.
“What are you doing here?”
The tears fell down my face leaving a cold and damp trail along my face.
“I came back I realized I was wrong… What are you doing out here in this gruesome place all alone.” The sharp painful memory of my dad on the floor popped into my head as I slowly dropped to the floor snivelling. Warm hands had wrapped around me. After the crying I didn’t want to tell her that my dad was dead and I had woken
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