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Disaster Recovery Planning

Introduction Hurricane Sandy is regarded as one of the most devastating natural disasters to strike the city of New York. People have different recollections of that time period, with some who recall the catastrophic damage done to their home, while others remember the 4 hours of wait just to fill up their cars with gas. For financial institutions, such as Citi bank, it was a time for the management team to pat themselves on the back and breathe a sigh of relief for being able to secure important data centers and keep bank operations running. All this was a result of successful implementation of Citi’s “Disaster Recovery Plan”.

What is a Disaster Recovery Plan? Just like the disaster
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Scope and Objectives of the plan
When designing a disaster recovery plan, it is important to highlight key steps and measures that need to be taken during the time of a disaster. This means, should an emergency situation occur, employees and management should be able to rely on this plan to provide an effective method to deal with the crisis situation, as well as lessen the potential negative impact it may have with shareholders and stakeholders.
Therefore the plan should provide information on how to handle crisis events and provide procedures for the following: * Executives * Legal * Investor Relations * Corporate Communications * Corporate Administration * Marketing and Sales * Human Resources * Technology Management

In addition the plan should clearly indicate the responsibilities of various staff, as well as procedures and checklists that will be used to manage the situation post the disaster occurrence.

Components of Disaster recovery planning

1) Risk Assessment: This component involves procedures geared towards detecting, communicating, and for warning recovery team members and stakeholders. The process of detection is straightforward for the most part, as it involves detecting IT disasters. The process of warning involves alerting key team members involved with recovery that a disaster has occurred, and for

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