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1. An audit charter should: A. be dynamic and change often to coincide with the changing nature of technology and the audit profession. B. clearly state audit objectives for, and the delegation of, authority to the maintenance and review of internal controls. C. document the audit procedures designed to achieve the planned audit objectives. D. Outline the overall authority, scope and responsibilities of the audit function. Answer:_____D______________________ 2. Which of the following criteria for selecting the applications to be audited is LEAST likely to be used? A. Materiality of audit risk B. Sensitivity of transactions C. Technological complexity D. Regulatory agency involvement Answer:…show more content…
IS knowledge since this will bring enhanced credibility to the audit function C. Existing IS relationships and ability to retain audit independence D. Age as training in audit techniques may be practical Answer:________C___________________ 10. Which of the following audit techniques would BEST aid an auditor in determining whether there have been unauthorized program changes since the last authorized program update? A. Test data run B. Code review C. Automated code comparison D. Review of code migration procedures Answer:__________C_________________ 11. The IT balanced scorecard (BSC) is a business governance tool intended to monitor IT performance evaluation indicators other than: A. Financial results. B. Customer satisfaction. C. Internal process efficiency. D. Innovation capacity. Answer:_______A____________________ 12. Which of the following is the initial step in creating a firewall policy? A. A cost-benefit analysis of methods for securing the applications B. Identification of network applications to be externally accessed C. Identification of vulnerabilities associated with network applications to be externally accessed D. Creation of an applications traffic matrix showing protection methods Answer:________B___________________ NAME: ______________________________________ 13. The management of an organization has decided to establish a security awareness program. Which of the following would MOST likely

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