It Began At My Home

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It began at an early age. I was a sophomore in college interning in the youth department at my home church, Grace United Methodist, in Hastings, Nebraska. My senior pastor, Jim Miller, was an incredible man of God who really showed me what it looked like to live Jesus out in the flesh. He saw something in me, which at the time I blew off completely. Jim saw my gifting’s, and strengths for ministry. I remember one specific afternoon when I was preparing for a youth Bible study that he came in and started talking to me about Seminary and the process of becoming a United Methodist Pastor. At this time in my life I had a plan for my future, a plan that included the medical field, not a full time ministry job. Although, now after much time in prayer and pursuing the heart of God like Barton discusses in her book “Sacred Rhythms” I look back and see that this was the beginning of Jesus’ pursuit for me to serve within the local church under the United Methodist umbrella. Barton writes, that it is in this place of intimacy with God where we are lead to a place where we are not in control, but are fully rendered to Him (Barton, 67). It was from this deep intimacy with the Father in prayer that helped me navigate this call that God had put on my life. However it did not happen overnight, in fact I dropped out of college and moved overseas to Northern Uganda to pursue my desires for missions. In hopes to one day return to the states to finish my degree in medicine and hop back on the
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