It Career Exploration Research Paper Dillon Evans

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IT Career Exploration Research Paper Dillon Evans

Computer Support Specialists can fall under many different categories with the common factors being that they give advice and help to end users and organizations on computers, equipment, software, computer access, and networks. The main emphasis is that we will be working with end users to ensure that they are capable of doing their job on a networked system. As a computer support specialist you will have to be trained for operating systems, software, networks and hardware in order to be capable of assisting end users to a solution or so that you can explain the situation to a higher level to get the proper support for the situation. Typical tasks for a computer support specialists will be diagnosing and troubleshooting hardware and software problems, installing software and hardware, assist end users on how to operate equipment, and remote assist for end users. Another main thing you can expect is to work face to face with users in order to assist in fixing the problem they are facing. You will also have to be proficient in technical aspects of computers and networks and be able to walk a person through a solution where you might not be able to see what they are looking at. Education in this field can vary depending on where you seek employment but in most areas an associate’s degree is enough to get your foot in the door with a bachelor’s degree ensuring almost full employment capabilities.
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