It Could Explain What Sumi E?

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it could explain what Sumi-e? It literally means "black ink" (sumi) and "painting" (e). It indicates an art form in which subjects are displayed using black ink, with a large variety of variables gradations; from pure black to all the nuances that can be obtained by diluting it with water. This does not mean that every painting with such features might deserve the title of "sumi-e." The true "sumi-e" must meet certain characteristics, such as, the simplicity and spontaneity that directly strike the viewer 's sensitivity. in this regard an old adage says that those who are versed in painting will live longer because "the life created by means of the brush touch It strengthens life itself ". In the tradition of ancient China, in fact, the harmony of an artistic product mirrors the universal harmony of the Tao (in Japanese Do), supreme and inscrutable principle that created the world and governs the secret rhythm of nature. 2) Can you tell us some of the highlights in the history of the Sumi-e? To introduce to Indian ink painting (sumi-e), it is necessary to mention briefly the importance of painting in China, because it is in this cultural context, philosophical and artistic born the monochrome painting. Among all the arts, in China, certainly the painting comes first and the eyes of the Chinese, it is the art of painting that reveals, par excellence, the mystery dell ' 'universo. at its base is a fundamental philosophy, Taoism, dictating precise cosmological conceptions

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