It Had Been A Hard Day’S Night For Michelle, Everything

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It had been a hard day’s night for Michelle, everything from the death of her mother to the sudden move to New York City had really taken a toll on her. The city was flooded with dealers; needing something to get her through the stress of the day, she did her business and rushed to her cramped apartment to calm her nerves. Unlocking the door to Apartment 64, Michelle hears a faint tune in the back of her head, too quiet to make out but too prominent to ignore. Could nobody else hear what she was hearing? She rushes into her room and tosses her things on her futon. Turning on the lights, she ignores the mess that’s been created and rolls her joint at the speed of light. Michelle didn’t like the feeling of being alone, that small room…show more content…
The music started playing louder and louder, it was “Help!” by the Beatles. The tune was all too familiar, it brought back chilling memories from when her mom was still with her. Memories flooded her conscious, it was overwhelming and taking over her head. She stood idle, trying to gather her thoughts, but the music continues to get louder. Feeling neurotic, she bursts into tears and grips her head tight, trying to stop the music. The tune comes to an end at last and her head isn’t clouded with haunting thoughts. Michelle walks as fast as she can down the alley to avoid another incident, she is almost running until she spots her apartment from behind a few trees. She hurries into the building and gets on the elevator. She wasn’t alone on the elevator, she stood silent with an older man; he appeared to be in his 70’s, he was old and frail, with an expression that said he wanted to be anywhere else at that moment. Michelle was too scared to face the man, so she kept her head down, focusing on nothing more than the coffee stains on the peeling floor. “You better keep your head, little girl. Or I won’t know where I am,” the old man said in a cynical, raspy voice. Michelle froze in terror, fearing if she moved or said a word the man would do something. She stood there silent, she keeps her head down as she tries not to breathe heavily when he says, “You better run for your life, little girl. Hide your head in the sand little

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