It Implementation Failures

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IT Project Implementations Failures
Joseph Garcia
Eric Rios

IT Project Implementations Failures
There are many factors that play into failures of implementing an IT project. As in the Case Study – Memorial Health System CPOE Implementation there were clearly barriers set in place that affected leadership and staff. The purpose of this paper is to examine CPOE implementation barriers within the Memorial Health System and to determine possible methods to overcoming these challenges.
Any project or initiative is destined for trouble if its objectives and purpose are unclear. One of the many barriers present was the lack of vision shared within the organization between the physicians and management. They worried their
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The project became too costly and the need to move money around created budget cuts to crucial areas such as test the software, configure the software and interfaces, and train the users which was to be done in 2 months. The lack of end-user training was apparent, and the many requirements missed during the analysis became immediately obvious. Doctors could not log on to the system, and nurses could no longer enter orders. Patients were waiting for medications and tests. As a result the CPOE initiative was a failure.
It is important to create a supportive culture that allows access to those who are in place to make important decisions. The project was too big to implement in the time frame presented which allowed for even the minor mistakes to be costly. The initiative should have started with one of the eight hospitals which could have been the blue print to implementing a successful CPOE system in the remaining seven hospitals. It makes no sense in having someone in charge of implementing an IT system that they do not believe In, themselves. This clearly takes away the motivation factor from leadership as well as the shared vision aspect of the initiative.

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