It Implementation for Procomm Technology Solutions, an It Consulting Company

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Information Technology Implementation Plan for ProComm Technology Solutions, an IT Consulting Company George Lisboa Jr. American Public University System Abstract Companies must constantly search for new advantages, make smart entrepreneurial decisions, and orchestrate strategic change in order to stay ahead of the competition. Most of the world’s leading companies make regular use of consulting services to help them build and strengthen their competitive advantages. In responding to uncommon situations or those not previously encountered, companies often do not have the time, expertise, or experience to develop solutions or prepare important decisions internally. In situations that go beyond the day-to-day IT management of the…show more content…
Our company's success, which is characterized by responsiveness and technical excellence, has been founded on our dedication and quality service. Our purpose is to deliver high-quality technology solutions that enable companies to meet their business needs and goals more effectively. Business Overview and Structure The organizational structure of this business is considered an Adhocracy (Laudon & Laudon). This organization responds to rapidly changing environments and consists of groups of technical specialists organized into multidisciplinary teams. The business is characterized by a senior management staff consisting of a CEO/President, VP/Sales & Marketing. Their role in the company is to make long-range strategic decisions about products and services as well as ensure the financial performance of the company. Middle management will consist of a Director of Sales and a Director of Operations. Their job is to carry out the programs and plans of senior management and to monitor the daily activities of the business. Knowledge workers will consist of a small team of sales people with regional territories. Their job role is to identify and interact with potential customers, make customers aware of the products and services offered and procure work for the firm. The production and service workers

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