It Is A Death Defying Act. It Is Called The Dwd Law. What

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It is a death defying act. It is called the DWD law. What and why is it the DWD law? I am proposing a “driving while distracted,” by cell phone law. Given power and authority to this law, it will change lives nationwide. It will save lives coast-to-coast. My collective purpose is to inform my audience why the use of cell phones while driving should be a mandatory nationwide ban. I want to convey information that will bring persuasion to key people to pass this DWD, (driving while distracted), cell phone law. It is a lifesaving act. People, who use cell phones while they are driving, pose a threat. United, we can save lives with this DWD law. People can contact their local authorities, or state representatives with this speech. We can…show more content…
1). We are aiming for a driving while distracted, DWD law, to promote road safety. Therefore, we want to inform you about three deadly distractions found with cell phone use. One article (CDC et al., 2015), explains in simple terms, “There are three main types of distraction; visual, (taking your eyes off the road), manual, (taking your hands off the wheel), and cognitive, (taking your mind off of driving).” (para. 1). There are six variables with cell phone driving behaviors; all of which have a bleak end. According to researchers and predictors of distracted cell phone driving, Tian and Robinson (2016), “The data suggest that the attitude variable predicted intention to engage in all six distracted driving behaviors (reading and sending text message, making and answering cell phone calls, reading/viewing social media), and posting on social media while driving.” (para. 1). These behavior variables can lead to unsafe driving. Moreover, the law would be enforced on DWD violators. Consequently, it is better to warn them through their wallet, than to allow them to kill someone with their cell phone. A cell phone fine will keep people in line. “The new law would stick violators with a $200 fine. Using GPS and a phone would be legal while stopped at a light, under the proposed law.” (Highland 2017, para. 9). A first warning is optional at

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