It Is A Dream Essay

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When somebody thinks about a dream they think about something big like being a millionaire but it could just be to get a dream job or go somewhere in the world. I believe that it is worth is to dream. In the end a dream gives someone something to work for at life and to keep pushing on for it also makes them feel good to look forward to something in the future say that they finally get to go to that place that they have dreamt of going to the anticipation of them going there make them feel good about themselves because they worked so hard for it. In class we read books about dreams we read documents about dreams and how some people believe in dreams and how some people don't. We talked to other people in our class and what their opinion was on dreams.

I believe it is worth it to dream because it gives a person something to work for. Some people believe that if somebody just sits around and dreams, then it will come true. Some people now how dreams work, they have to work for a dream rather than just sitting and waiting their whole life. We can also see evidence of this in the book The Pearl By John Steinbeck where Kino’s dream was to provide a healthy living for his family and he never gave up trying to find a pearl and sell it.
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In the book We beat the streets by Rameck, George, Sampson they were happy when they began to think about the idea of being a doctor, and that maybe one day they would become one. When they were accepted into college they thought about their future and how they might actually fulfill their dreams. The reason why this proves that dreaming make you feel good about yourself is that just like in the book they thought that if they didn't dream they would end up like everyone else selling drugs and being a dropout and they thought that if they were to ever do that they would never forgive
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