It Is Absolutely Certain That The Current Political Climate

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It is absolutely certain that the current political climate has caused an increased amount of open and acted-on hatred within the American people. A substantial amount of this hatred and discrimination is toward Muslim Americans and is known as Islamophobia. Islamophobia has always been prevalent in the United States with reasoning ranging from colorism to the idea that the religion of Islam and Muslim people are just too “different” from what an American “should” be. Unfortunately, Islamophobia in the U.S. drastically increased after 9/11 and the discrimination and prejudice is still just as harmful if not more harmful than it was 16 years ago. Muslim people, specifically men in the United States are stereotyped as dangerous, as…show more content…
A “single story” to Adiche is a lack of authenticity about a group of people or a place. Growing up in a middle-class family in Nigeria, Adiche had an authentic view of Nigeria and Nigerian people because she experienced the diversity of her culture every day. That being said, when she began to attend university in the United States, she met someone, her roommate actually, who had not been experienced any authentic Nigerian identities. She proceeded to ask Adiche “where [she] had learned to speak English so well, if she could listen to her “tribal music,” and assumed Adiche did not know how to use a stove. Her roommate had accepted a single story about not only Nigeria, but Africa as a whole and defaulted to patronization. This is where the danger can ensue. There is a very limiting paradox regarding media representation, and it is that the views of the public reflects what is shown in the media, specifically television shows and major news outlets, but tv shows and news outlets also simultaneously reflect the views of the public. This means that what the public sees is what they will think and what the public thinks is what the media will show. For example, the post-9/11 single story of Muslims is that they are all somehow affiliated with ISIS and terrorism. The people who control large media platforms take this single story and translate it into shows like Homeland, in which a brown skinned bearded man with a headscarf named Abu Nazir is a vengeful terrorist and enemy
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