It Is Clear That Abortion Is An Extremely Controversial

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It is clear that Abortion is an extremely controversial and often emotional topic. People all have different views and are passionate when expressing those views, not always in the best ways. In order to have an educational argument rather than just fighting on the topic, we need to be educated on all factors and information regarding this topic and we need to listen to take in other opinions rather than listening to reply. I knew that choosing this topic would get me emotionally invested, and these are my opinions while trying to keep an open mind to other viewpoints. Let’s begin with were the legal issue started with abortion. An article titled “Abortion Law in the United States: An overview”, by John E.Schwemker, provided me with…show more content…
I can understand that some people would still see that being against the woman’s will, but it is not the fault of the embryo that they were created, and they cannot help but depend on the mother for nutrients and a good developmental environment. This leads me into Manninen’s second point. She believes that, although people who are sexually active know that what they are engaging in has risks, the fact that they have responsibilities with doing that action does not mean as much as a woman’s right to her body. While I agree that women should have I right to their body, I also feel that if they conceive a child that their body is no longer just theirs. If a woman should have a right to their body, then I believe a baby should have a right to theirs as well; it’s not their fault that they were conceived and they should not have to suffer for that.
I feel that the main argument with abortion is more moral than legal, although they both can go hand in hand for this topic. Morally, I feel abortion is murder. All of an embryo’s DNA is determined as soon as the sperm meets the egg. To me, this means that, even though these cells are not fully developed, the will be with time and they are still a human being that deserves to live even when they cannot fight for themselves. I read a post online once that had an interesting take on this and helped to form my opinion to what it is today. It was about a woman who went to the doctor with her 1 year old son. She found out that she
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