It Is Company Health Insurance Or Government Funded Programs Like Medicare

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When I was a young child my grandmother used to say, "things aren 't the same as they used to be." Much to my grandmothers disproval she is right, things are definitely not what they used to be. With the increase of the population around the world also comes the need for health care. This is a difficult problem especially in the United States where many people are not being covered by any type of insurance, leaving them stranded in terms of healthcare. Furthermore, the rich and the poor in many states will have access to coverage whether it is company health insurance or government-funded programs like Medicare. This leaves the biggest chunk of our population the middle class completely in a tough situation; my girlfriend is a great example of the shortcomings. She works fulltime in as a medical director; the only problem is she doesn 't have enough income to pay for company insurance if she wants to continue to be able to contribute for groceries and bills. If she doesn 't have money left over after bills and groceries wouldn 't the government subsidize insurance so she could afford it? Of course the answer is no, she makes too much income; this brings up an issue of the government not taking into account inflation and market values in different cities. Additionally, on the topic of health care it is important to define what "health" is. Understanding that health means different things to different people, the UN defines it as, "a state of complete physical, mental,…
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