It Is Company Health Insurance Or Government Funded Programs Like Medicare

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When I was a young child my grandmother used to say, "things aren 't the same as they used to be." Much to my grandmothers disproval she is right, things are definitely not what they used to be. With the increase of the population around the world also comes the need for health care. This is a difficult problem especially in the United States where many people are not being covered by any type of insurance, leaving them stranded in terms of healthcare. Furthermore, the rich and the poor in many states will have access to coverage whether it is company health insurance or government-funded programs like Medicare. This leaves the biggest chunk of our population the middle class completely in a tough situation; my girlfriend is a great…show more content…
2013: 173). Currently by that definition I would say that a major percentage of Americans are not in proper health, and many don 't see health as social and psychological, just merely biological. So now the big issue is how are we going to help out Americans, and what measures can be taken? With the goal being Americans gaining healthcare and working on preventing rather than managing illness. Moreover, the "Psycho-social model" of health explains the disparity in good health care amongst the people who are wealthy vs. the people who are struggling. (Holdsworth et al. 2013: 189). Furthermore, this model addresses the psychological and social impacts of being in a lower status job. Some of these increased risks where "chronic lung disease, gastrointestinal disease, depression, suicide, sickness absence from work, back pain and self-reported health" (Holdsworth et al. 2013: 189). This is scary in our society where many people are going to be succumbing to these illnesses and wont have adequate health care and education about the illness to take the proper preventative measures. Moreover, there is a lot of stigma surrounding mental illness in our society and because of that many citizens are not seeking mental health treatment. For example, increased stress by way of work and home demands could lead to poorer health decisions because of the lack of free time to cook and income to provide
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