It Is Critical For Self Disclosure Ethical And Clinical Principles

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It is critical for self-disclosure precautions, frequency in practice, potential risks, and potential advantages to be reconciled through a research-integrated framework considerate of paramount ethical and clinical considerations. An attempt to do so will be made through first overviewing self-disclosure ethical and clinical principles identified in the scholarly literature. These principles will then be synthesized into a larger discussion in which there will be identification of which theoretical and conceptual positions are most supported by admittedly limited empirical research and will therefore be discussed in their implications/application to various practice scenarios. In so doing, the discussion first addresses the more conservative subject of whether or not to disclose and then progresses into discussing what can or should be disclosed to which clients under what clinical circumstances and contexts (Audet, 2011). Moreover, because the possibility of a disclosing therapist invites an uncharted level of intimacy into a professional relationship historically built upon secrecy and subtlety (Bottrill et al., 2010). Methodology A comprehensive search of the PsycINFO database was conducted utilizing key words searches germane to the larger subject matter. Key words that yielded the most relevant articles became the key words for this paper. In total, 50 papers were included. Excluded papers were not available in full text form or were clearly not relevant. First, key
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