It Is Delivery Day?

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It is delivery day, even though having a child was not originally in the cards for us. Our family was relegated to my wife and me, and our families who raised us. For me, however, my family had all spread out across the country, and I have some, including a brother, in Europe so to me, family was just the two of us. After trying to get pregnant for more than a year, with the aid of a fertility specialist and fertility medication, we had all but given up, thinking, “This is it, this is what a family is for us: just us two.” Then on day we saw it, it was actually there – a plus sign! We tried not to get too excited about it, which is impossible, because we know false positives can happen. We scheduled the appointment, and it was confirmed by…show more content…
During this time, progression of the delivery halted for several hours because the cervix would not dilate more than 3cm (10cm is the magic number for delivery). It was discovered that the Foley catheter was the culprit and had to be adjusted. The other problem was the anesthesiologist who was assigned to insert the epidural got it to go, but it slipped out and became ineffective. He tried to re-insert it for almost two hours to no avail, all while my wife was experiencing labor pains with no pain killer. There was one other anesthesiologist in the hospital, but he was detained in a surgery and was not able to help us for a while. To add to that, the uninterested nurse told us she was not able to administer any other pain killer while the anesthesiologist was trying to get the epidural to go in. When he finally did arrive, he asked the nurse why she had not given any pain killer to my wife. She responded with, “I didn’t think I was allowed to.” Then he got the epidural in on his first try! Frustrating relief! Finally, after all the complications, were over (or so we thought), here comes my first baby! With family and friends surrounding my wife and the doctor (seven of us total, as I recall), our baby’s head came out. But wait, the cord is around her neck. I asked the doctor, “How dangerous is that? Why are you pushing her back in?” The doctor had to push her back in a little to relieve tension and provide enough slack to cut the cord. “Oh well,” I thought to
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