It Is Difficult For A Soldier To Recall And Relate His Or Her Experiences Of War

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It is difficult for a soldier to recall and relate his or her experiences of war. During war, soldiers are often throw into a confronting and new experience where they quickly learn about the true hardship and struggle of warfare. Being deployed onto new a surrounding, unpredictable events can occur which may lead to detrimental effects on soldiers physically and more importantly mentally. Especially after returning from a war, a solder can show great signs of post dramatic stress due to the trauma that they had previously faced. These memories can have damaging effects, which may lead to different coping methods. War is an emotionally daunting task which can most definitely be a difficult time for soldiers to recollection and recount…show more content…
It is tremendously difficult for a soldier to cope with the fact that they have done something unforgivable by the time they return. This could include, miscommunication on the battlefield or even simply regretting and replaying a decision which could have ultimately changed the factor of what had happened. No matter how costly or minor their decisions was, guilt will cause a soldier to completely question their actions forever. In The Thing They Carried, Tim O’Brien explains the guilt of Norman Bowker. After Kiowa’s death, Bowker simply could not get over the fact that he could do nothing as Kiowa died, “That night when Kiowa got wasted, I sort of sank down into the sewage with him… “, symbolises the true guilt that he had felt which caused him to commit suicide only three years later. Guilt and is a major example of why a soldier can never recall their experiences. Fear can be a reason for a soldier to not want to share what had happen. The fear of judgement from others can easily deter soldiers from recount their deepest and darkest stories. Lack of acknowledgment is often a big factor for a soldier to feel unappreciated for what they have done for their country. Having big parades and fancy ceremony means nothing without the true understanding of what they have been through. In a TED talk, Wes Moore a former U.S army officer discusses the problem with why veteran soldiers are at a disadvantage when retuning home. He mentions the line

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