It Is Efficient When Copying Information

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It is efficient when copying information. Being double stranded means that when the DNA-helicase enzyme unzips it, information can be copied from both strands at the same time. DNA-polymerase is responsible for attaching free DNA nucleotides to the open DNA strands. The DNA-helicase enzyme will not stop till it reaches the end of the strand. Same as the DNA-polymerase. When DNA is copied from both the complementary strand and the template strand, this process is called semi-conservative replication. Its information can be copied easily. Being single stranded means that the side with the bases are not paired to another strand. When it is making the proteins, protein synthesis, it will be easy to for the amino acids to attach. mRNA leaves the nucleus with the copied information and attaches to the ribosome in the cytoplasm. mRNA will wait for amino acids molecules to attach. If the mRNA was double stranded, it would take more time for the amino acids to attach. It is stronger. Having two strands bonded together makes DNA stronger. The strands are joined together by hydrogen bonds. Hydrogens are very strong bonds. DNA is stable in alkaline environment. It is lighter to carry around. Since mRNA has to move from inside the nucleus to the cytoplasm. 7. Differences between DNA and RNA; DNA RNA It consists of the nitrogen-containing bases, namely; adenine, thymine, cytosine and guanine. Adenine pairs up with thymine in base pairing. It consists of the nitrogen-containing bases,
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