It Is Essential That Through Government And Community Participation,

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It is essential that through government and community participation, we develop, establish and integrate safe strategies to tackle the ever increasing problem of childhood obesity. 'Australia is rapidly turning into a nation of fat kids. ' One in every five youngsters is now designated as overweight or obese, living a life prone to cardiovascular and health problems along with risks to there mental state and general well being. Studies conducted by The Australian Diabetes, obesity and lifestyle council indicate that poor self-esteem and confidence has also been associated with obesity and almost doubles the chances of depression. Education Queensland also associates obesity with poor academic performance, un-developed motor skills and…show more content…
I weighed about a 130 kilos, had a double chin, a bulging gut, fat hanging from every direction and for this physical appearance I truly copped it. Undoubtedly, my years at primary school probably weren 't like your days, fun-filled or joyful, my days were filled with tears, pain and suffering. Every single day of my life from years four to seven were filled with name calling and pranks. Not a day went by that I didn 't get singled out, harassed or bullied. Day after day, second after second I was being called 'fat boy, fattie, go have another cheese burger '. It tore away my confidence and squashed my self esteem. I missed out on what people describe as some of the best years of your life, I gave up rugby, soccer and swimming not because I didn 't enjoy it, but instead because every time I went to training or a game I felt alone... inadequate." How would you like it if you life was like this day after day, , minute after minute? Do you think you 'd be sitting where you are today?, This heart break, pain and torture was caused by one thing obesity. I was so sick of been harassed, singled out I searched for a solution. Three months later, after living on a diet that consisted of egg white, protein shakes and salad and an hours exercise. I was a new person, sixty kilos lighter. But the psychological issues were still there, I became ever more unconfident, depressed and unsure of myself. I became addicted to the gym, going twice or
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