It Is Fair to Pay College Athletes Competitively? An Opinion Essay

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It is fair to pay college athletes competitively "The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings; the inherent virtue of socialism is the equal sharing of miseries" -Winston Churchill (Brainy Quote, 2013). Unfortunately this has been the trend within the collage athletics sectors over the years and dates back to the historical times when the NCAA was formed. There have been varying excuses put froth by different bodies on why the college athletes cannot and should not be paid ranging from the claim that the education and support they get is of equal measure to the effort they put into the games to other reasons like it is a measure to protect the students from commercialization of their labor and possible exploitation at a tender age. But one thing that we must all ask ourselves is that how much in terms of cash is made within the athletics circles in the name of these college athletes? Who then are the beneficiaries? Where do the vast amounts that are derived from television rights go to? What distinguishes these college athletes from the ones who are barely out of college and play professional football and get paid for it, bearing we watch both at the comfort of our homes? Don't we have college athletes who are a brand in themselves and don't brands get paid just like the ones out of college? There are myriad of questions that run through the mind when the question of college athletes is mentioned particularly concerning their pay in the sports.

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