It Is Hard To Believe That The Colonizers Of Half Of The

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It is hard to believe that the colonizers of half of the world, the English, had the worst vision for women, especially prostitutes. Their biggest backlash was being unable to give justice and proper treatment to everybody. Having a strong belief to change the society and their vision for prostitutes, Josephine Butler became a social worker and started a campaign against the cruelty of law enforcement officers. Josephine Butler was the author of this amazing book “Truth Before Everything” which portrays the struggle initiated with repealing laws and acts that allowed law enforcement officers to break the moral barrier. The book “Truth Before Everything” represents the author 's dissatisfaction, attitude, uneasiness, and an intention to…show more content…
Butler continued her entire life as a social reformer and a suffragist and taught political economy in the early years of her career. Throughout Butler’s life, many of the writings gained prominence. Some of them are, The Constitution Violated (1871), Social Purity (1879), The Hour Dawn (1882), Truth Before Everything (1898), and Native Races and The War (1900). For all the effort and hardship, Butler received the Grand Cross of the order of the British Empire in 1924. Butler was honored with an Honorary of Doctorate of Laws from University of St. Andrews in 1905 before receiving the cross. Butler could achieve this feat due to the constant support of George, a husband who never left wife’s side and always valued decisions made by Josephine. Her husband continued to support her even after he was ordered to leave his job in the university because of Butler’s revolution campaign. The vision of society for women or specifically prostitutes was totally inadmissible back in mid-1800’s. Due to the low economic background and pitiful situations, young girls were compelled to join the darkest part of society, a place where there’s no turning back, a place where she will be treated as a puppet, an evil part of a society called prostitution. Going to school and having a good outdoor job was for men, for women, it was none other than household jobs. The critical condition in the poor family made young girls walk towards hell. Back in time, there was a one-sided
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