It Is I, Donato Bramante

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It is I, Donato Bramante. Through mysterious circumstances that I cannot yet explain, I have somehow managed to travel into the future. I am told it is the year 2015, and I am in the land that the man named Columbus recently discovered! It is said this land is called “Washington”. Last thing I knew, it was the year 1514, and I was a sickly man in Rome. I’m feeling much better now. Luckily there is a magnificent building right down the road from me called the United States Capitol Building. I feel like I am back at home in Rome when I see such a building! The people of this strange land say this building houses the government of their country. I find this hard to believe. A building as large, and as grand as this should be a home of God, a…show more content…
These columns are known as the Corinthian Order. My plan for St. Peter’s called for these same columns to circle the largest dome of the basilica. The Capitol Building pulls this same strategy off perfectly! Surely, the architects of the building known as William Thorton, Benjamin Henry Latrobe, and Charles Bulfinch (SOURCE), must have drew upon my plan of St. Peter’s for inspiration. I am not sure if they knew this or not, but I also used classical columns on another masterpiece of mine that is known as the Tempietto at San Pietro in Montorio (SOURCE). Unlike at St. Peter’s, at the Tempietto I used the Doric order of columns (SOURCE). I find both orders to be great outlets of my artistic abilities, and both pleasing to the eye. Besides the columns, another feature of the Capitol Building that I have marvelous is the beautiful, gigantic, dome in the center. I used a dome structure on both of my famous works that I mentioned before, namely my plan for St. Peters, and the Tempietto at San Pietro in Montorio (SOURCE). I would say, however, that the dome on the Capitol is much larger (SOURCE)! Especially compared to that of my Tempietto. It must have taken master craftsmen many years to complete such a feat in architecture and engineering (SOURCE). While I do find the dome to be a great work, I think it may be a little too different from the great domes of my work. Compared to my dome of St. Peters, the Capitol’s dome seems to
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