It Is Important That Health Care Services Are Of High Quality

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It is important that health care services are of high quality in order to achieve the best health outcomes of individuals or patients. The achievement of health equity can increase the health quality living and foster healthy lifestyle, thus eliminating health care disparities (“American Public health Association”, 2015). For a nation to be prosperous and continue thieving the health of the people is immensely important. “A nation’s collective health bears both an economic and human cost” (National Association of Chronic Disease Directors, n.d.p.1). According to “National Association of Chronic Disease Directors” (n.d), “Poor health of a population or an unhealthy nation can exert tremendous force on employment rates, interest costs and …show more content…

In other words, improved and quality care systems would result in achieving better health outcomes of individuals, at the same time avoiding unnecessary expenses and spending. As McClellan (2013) pointed out, “expanding health insurance coverage to promote access and the attempt to lower costs by cutting prices or covered services would not always guarantee the best health outcomes.” As a matter of fact, what is essential is the improvement on how care is delivered.
Policies for greater efficiency of the health delivery system of Grenada
I propose that all Grenadians should invest in a plan that would promote greater efficiency of the health care delivery system. I recommend that the Gaps in national leadership should be reformed. In other words, the responsibility for high quality in the health system should be distributed between the government and an authorized organization. The government should establish an organization that deals strictly with health care delivery standard. This organization would lead the quality agenda on the behalf of the government. The organization can fall under the department of health. It can be publicly funded through taxation and also a small section of the budget should be allocated towards it

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