‘It Is Important to Plan to Meet the Care and Learning Needs of All Children’

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Criteria 1 It is important for practitioners to identify children’s care and learning needs in a setting, there are many reasons for this. Firstly, is to promote development. Some children develop and learn faster than others and it is partly our responsibility to ensure all children’s needs are cared for no matter what stage of development they are at. We can do this by carrying out observations; these help us to identify the exact learning needs of children. They can show us clearly what stage of development each individual child is at, we would compare each child against milestones for that age and stage of development and then we can begin to plan to meet the learning needs of certain children who are not meeting milestones and also…show more content…
When working with children it is important to have the appropriate provisions for them, such as, equipped play areas that are suitable for particular age and stage of development and children with disabilities. It is important to plan ahead and ensure that you are meeting each child’s care and learning needs. For example, a child with a broken leg may need assistance and supervision using certain outdoor equipment. Therefore it is important that practitioners identify these additional care needs and plan to meet them, in this situation that could be holding the child’s hand while they play and ensuring that they have extra supervision. Being aware of all children’s care needs is sometimes difficult, that is why communication is significantly important. As practitioners we should identify that sharing information with parents and aiming to meet their wishes is a priority. It is important to keep parents up to date with how their child is developing; in return most parents will usually share information back about their child. With this added information you can plan to meet their care and learning needs more knowledgeably. For example, if you had

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