It Is Not Quite Uncommon To Hear Others Say “You Are What

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It is not quite uncommon to hear others say “you are what you are today because of what you’ve been in the past”. Typically, the past can dictate the future, it is a guide that can envision forthcoming events, it is a measuring scale, and often paves the way for how things ought to be in the future. Race and ethnicity have been primal to the evolution of humanity throughout time and as history progressed. Unconsciously, however, humankind has always used race and ethnicity in many important ways from, creating a society, selecting hunters and warriors to appointing a leader. Even in today’s modern society, words like race and ethnicity have become the center of the lives, it is the staple of who we are. Race and ethnicity, ultimately, …show more content…

Before this paper I never thought about how I came to apprehend that my skin color was different from that of my cousin’s and individuals around me, I was certainly not told. I think gradually I started to realize things on my own. As I made my way through childhood and adolescence, I realized that there are different types of individuals around me who were like me, lighter or darker than me. As a child, growing up I was privileged to have been exposed to diverse cultures, races, and ethnicities, not just in my country, but also in my family. Looking in from an outside perspective, I would describe my family as diverse, different, strong and unified. To begin with, both my parents are of different religions, my mom, Muslim and my dad Hindu. My paternal grandmother is Hindu and of East Indian descent and my paternal grandfather was a Christian and Portuguese. On the other hand, my maternal grandmother was Muslim and of East Indian descent and my maternal grandfather was Muslim and Chinese. Consequently, I was surrounded by people who looked different, ate different foods, prayed differently and ultimately had different skin color than mine. My cousins were darker, had straight hair and deep brown eyes, while I was much lighter in skin complexion with bright hazel brown eyes and curly hair. Hence, I was raised in a multi-cultural environment, where it was okay to look

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