It Is Now The Year 2017, And There Is Still Inequality

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It is now the year 2017, and there is still inequality in the workplace; there are jobs that are geared toward specific genders, and there is still a pay difference between men and women. There are many great reasons why gender equality should be in effect in the workplace. Not only is it morally fair to have the same opportunities available to both genders, but equality also stimulates the economy, the national economic growth, and productivity. There are many positive outcomes with equality in the workplace but there is still conflict, mainly from the heads of companies when it comes to hiring of the employees. The decisions made on hiring should not be swayed to a gender, but unfortunately, sometimes it is. The positives and…show more content…
However, Sandberg blames women for the pay difference and says it the women’s work ethic that can help solve the problem. Subsequently, Dill states that less than 1% of jobs on the salary list had an even pay difference between men and women (Dill). An example of a job that pays even for both genders is an event coordinator. Besides an event coordinator and a few other jobs, there are not many with an even pay rate for men and women. Although most jobs pay men more than women, there are a few jobs where female employees make more than their male colleagues. Physician Advisers and social workers make $1.08 for every dollar a man makes, there are a few jobs that are skewed the other way but most of them are toward men(Dill). The point is that these stats need to change and become more even. The more even the stats are, the better. Sandberg and Stampler would also agree, that there should be many opportunities and should be even for both genders. Furthermore, Laura Stampler wrote about the gender divide that young woman face in the workplace. Stampler is a writer for Time; in her article, she focuses on the millennial generation. She explains that “more women than men enter the workforce with at least four years of college under their belts” (Stampler). This means that more women are being prepared

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