It Is Often Stated That Prison Does Not Work Because of the High Recidivism Rates. Why Do You Think the Prison Population Has Increased so Much in the Last Ten Years?

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What is Recidivism- Recidivism is a term, applied in the Criminal Justice System for criminals who despite having been punished for a crime go on to repeat it, only to be returned to a custodial sentence. It is for this particular reason that the penal system need to decide whether the system is effective in doing its job, or reforms are needed to improve the way it conducts itself.
What causes Recidivism?
Recidivism is caused by criminals who have been through the courts and prison system and still refuse to turn away from crime; the causes of repeat crime may involve many social factors, such as society, the economic climate, or family issues that may affect the criminal in a negative manner. Perhaps the need for more
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June 1998-June 2001
* Total prisoner population, despite growing slightly between 25%- 27% remained stable (700) Increase did not occur as rapidly as it would have had the HDC not been introduced.( Home Detention Curfew)
* The increasing custody rates continued grew from 25%-27% due to extension of executive recall of medium-term prisoners.
June 2001-June 2003
* Prisons saw an increase of 7,300 caused by increase in remand, recall and sentenced population
* Increase driven by those serving more than 4 years or more.
* Reflecting a more frequent deployment of longer sentences, again due to most offences being sentenced for VATP and drug offences.
June 2003-2005
* Saw a small increase of 2,500 in prison population
June 205-2009
* Despite introducing the ECL (End of Custody Licence) the population rose to 5,900 due to lagged effect of previous large increases of offenders who were on longer sentences.
The Ministry of Justice Bulletin states that the overall increase in the prison population of 66% was due to the segments mentioned in the beginning of my report.
According Juliet Lyon, Director of Prison Reform, the answer to the rise in prison population lies in the way crime is viewed by the media and whatever political party is in power at the time She also states that high profile and disturbing cases tend to distort the perception of the public at large and making them intolerant to crime in any form. Juliet debates that…